Neonatal Phototherapy

Your baby has developed jaundice - a common disorder of newborns wherin a chemical called bilirubin builds up in the baby's blood and causes a yellow hue.  Your clinician has prescribed phototherapy to treat this condition.  Used for many years as the safest and most effective treatment, phototherapy consists simply of shining blue light onto the baby.  This light breaks down the excess bilirubin in the skin and will usually lower the baby's bilirubin to a safe level within 1-2 days. 

In recent years, phototherapy has moved increasingly from the hospital setting into the home.  There are good reasons for this trend:

1.  The availability of portable PEP Bed devices which are safe and effective.

2.  The cost of treatment is much less at home.

3.  Bonding between parents and baby is not interrupted.

4.  Convienient feeding schedules can be maintained.

The Ultra PEP 2000 is designed to address bilirubin levels of 15 and higher and offer three times the coverage of any in home phototherapy equipment.


The OHMEDA BILIBLANKET PLUS is designed to address usally bilirubin levels of 12 or under.  It also provides the mother with the flexibility of nursing her baby while recieving phototherapy treatment.